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Global Commercialization of Federally Regulated Products

As a global commercialization executive in a federally regulated environment with a diversified background of market segments and corporate structures. I consistently and effectively focus corporate cross functional teams towards achieving defined corporate goals. Expert analysis and interpretation of the marketplace are used to develop, implement and measure business plans against short and long term results to exceed strategic and financial goals.


• Critical Thinking • Cross Functional Leadership • Recruit, Train and Motivate

• Strategic Vision • Effective Time Management • Consensus Building

• P&L Responsibility • Business Management • Profitability Improvement

• New Business Development • Organizational Leadership • Complex problem solving

• Team leadership • Persuasive • Positioning

• Contract management • Strategic marketing • Research and analysis


Strategic Vision

• Created and successfully implemented the strategic vision of 3 companies and 2 business segments for major medical device manufacturers.

• Developed new marketing portals and identified emerging markets for established and startup organizations.

• Identified and implemented branding strategies to solidify corporate identity, elevating recognition by customers, partners and investors.


Critical Thinking

• Inventor or Co-inventor of seven (7) medical devices, apparatus' or procedural methods that have received or are pending US or International patent protection.

US Patent # 6,743,233

US Patent # 6,984,237

US Patent # 6,723,107

US Patent # 6,443,963

US Patent # 8,226,685

US Patent # 8,690,898

US Patent # 10,092,453

• Orchestrated Surgeon Advisory Board workshops to identify unmet needs, leading to product development and new commercial launches.

• Identified value propositions and key messages for client's marketing campaigns.

• Transformed incentive programs increasing profitability and top line sales volume.


Organizational Leadership

• Strong Cross Functional Leadership Skills are used to bring business teams together towards a common goal.

• Leadership Skills are used to recognize the individual strengths and weaknesses of team members, allowing for the creation of plans to maximize productivity maintaining the team’s focus on both short and long term goals.

• Self-driven and motivated with the ability to independently focus time and efforts to consistently and reliably complete tasks or assignments on time.

• Results Oriented with Profit and Loss Responsibility and Focus.

• Detailed measurement, analysis and implementation of the business plan resulted in annual increases in top line sales and profit margins for clients.

• Keen communication skills are used to articulate both written and oral messages to the focus audience including patient, surgeon, administrator, sales team, industry peer, investors or executive management.

• Motivational Messaging and Speaking are used to invigorate the sales team and all departments of the company to a consistent vision and goal.


Project Management

• Strategically identified and lead commercial development and launch of 43 federally regulated medical devices creating a compound annual growth rate of 34% over 21 years.

     • Lead and direct cross functional product development teams and meetings

     • Organized cross functional objectives to meet project goals

     • Negotiated changes and modifications to keep project on schedule and budget

     • Identified choke points and created strategies to eliminate roadblocks

     • Developed and reported project updates to executive teams and project stakeholders

• Implement system efficiencies and other cost saving programs within the corporate structure, improving profitability.

• Planned, developed and implemented all upstream market activities for clients:

     • VOC Analysis

     • Competitive Analysis

     • Market Trends and Surveys

     • Identifying Unmet Needs

     • Developed Product Pipelines to meet corporate goals

     • Pioneered New Technologies and Innovation

• Planned, developed and implemented all downstream market activities for clients:

     • Spearheaded promotional activities and trade show messaging

     • Developed Value Propositions, Key Messages, Talk Tracks and FAQ's

     • Optimized Training Materials and Programs to improve information retention and accuracy

     • Shaped Incentive Programs to invigorate sales organization focus on target products

     • Integrated and revitalized Web Presence and Social Media Outlets, streamlining content and function to

       improve customer experience

     • Created detailed analysis to report Key Performance Indicators and measure performance

• Six Sigma (Plus Lean) Black Belt Professional: Management & Strategy Institute (MSI)


Analytical Skills

• Detailed data collection and processing enable concise and accurate reporting:

     • Key Performance Indicators

     • Return on Investment

     • Estimated Commercial Value

     • Market and Competitive Trends and Analysis

     • VOC and KOL Analysis

     • Customer Demographics, Purchasing Patterns

     • All Sales Metrics, ASP, Cannibalization, Product Obsolescence

• Used relevant data and financial metrics to influence and gain approvals from the executive team for product launches, marketing campaigns and sales initiatives.

• Presented progress summaries with detailed financial evaluations, market changes and competitive analysis to influence strategic updates.


Holistic Approach

• Coordinated the integration of interconnected systems:

     • Web Presence

     • Social Media

     • Developed consistent messaging between electronic and written communications

     • Seamless branding between Brochures, FAQ's, Instructions for Use, Technique Guides

• Balanced departmental objectives into consistent corporate goal.

• Optimized system performance to improve efficiency of information transfer.


Technical Skills

• Managed key contract negotiations for large hospital accounts and Group Purchasing Organizations.

• Analyzed business developments and monitor market trends.

• Created high-quality marketing strategy documentation, including product marketing briefs, FAQs, objection handling documents, customer and patient brochures, videos and animations.

• Presented progress summaries with detailed financial evaluations, market changes and competitive analysis to influence strategic direction with Executive team.

• Supported relevant product lifecycles strategies and product obsolescence.


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